15. March 2021

Saving water in your home has never been easier! Here are ReShape.’s top tips on how to do it!

It’s true! Many of us already action the simple ways to save water in our homes, however some of us are not aware of how easy it can be! ReShape. thought it would be a great idea to make a post and video explaining the essential tips, so everyone can be involved. If you prefer to watch a video rather than reading, jump over to ReShape.’s YouTube channel to find a video on water saving and reducing the usage of paper. If reading is your preferred option, here are 5 simple tips:


One of the simplest ways to reduce water consumption in your home is to minimise the use of water in activities such as washing your hair or brushing your teeth. We are all guilty of leaving the water running whilst brushing our teeth, however if you remember to turn the tap off whist you are brushing, you can save so much water! Remember to wet your toothbrush, turn the tap off and then turn it back on once you are done. The simplest action can make such a difference to helping the planet.


Another great way to maximise water usage is to only turn your washing machine or dishwasher on when it has reached full capacity. Using your washing machine or dishwasher for a half load is not only bad for the environment but for your bank account too.


Even though we all know a long bath or shower can be relaxing, when you think about the amount of water wasted whilst pampering, it can easily be reduced! A great way to reduce water consumption is to consider taking shorter showers – a great action to change which is much more mindful for the planet! If you are looking to go the extra mile, try using the water to rinse your body then turn off the water whilst you are washing and return the water on again to rinse, I think everyone would agree this would gain bonus points!



Another amazing way to reduce water consumption is to use water that has already been used previously. There are so many fantastic at home solutions you can have put into your home however if you live in an urbanised city in rental accommodation for example, in a flat, there are still some options for you. If you have left over water from guest’s beverages, your pet not finishing their water or not finishing your own drink, you can reuse this by putting the water in a watering can and using it for plants. This ensures you are maximising water usage and as a result helping the planet.


There are multiple ways to reduce water usage when cooking. Firstly, when cooking vegetables, try steaming the food rather than boiling them. This really helps to reduce the amount of water used. Secondly, opting to cook one pot meals comes with multiple benefits. It saves you time and water usage as you are able to cook all the food in one pot, saving the need for different saucepans containing a lot of water. Also, it even helps to keep the nutrients into your meal, so there really are no negatives!

These are ReShape.’s five best tips for reducing water consumption in your home, but if you have any more tips to share, do not hesitate to reach out on Instagram or comment on YouTube videos! It has to be noted that when it comes to saving water outside the household, there are so many other things we can do! One of best things to do is turn to a vegan diet, it has been proven one of the single best ways to help animals, planet and your health.

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