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about veganism


Since I remember I loved all animals with my whole heart. Not just pets, but all animals. When I found out what meat really is I became vegetarian at the age of 8. Thinking I am doing enough I went on without giving it much thought until  a friend introduced me to veganism. After researching a lot I understood that there is as much cruelty in the dairy and egg industry as much as there is in the meat industry. I became vegan overnight at the age of 20.

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After becoming vegan I started looking at what else I might be doing that hurts animals besides the basics like what/who I eat or wear.
I became passionate about the environment. I started by reducing my footprint as much as possible. That resulted into me getting very interested in living with less and most importantly in human rights.

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I did not like cooking before being vegan. The plant-based diet opened the door to the whole new, very healthful and colorful world. I felt in love with experimenting in the kitchen and often was surprised by the result.
Plants offer so many possibilities – without the guilt and health issues that are an inseparable part of the carnist lifestyle.



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Putting my two passions together: designing and creating with love towards the planet I started my own small shop with handmade items that help people with reducing their environmental footprint. I make sure the materials used for my products are organic/recycled and fair-trade. The packaging is made out of recycled/upcycled paper  – completely plastic-free!


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By following me on social media you are letting me know that what I am doing and content I provide you with does not go to waste. No matter if you are actively engaged on my feed or if you silently follow the journey – I appreciate every single one of you and I am very grateful to have you on board!

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ReShape. products are made out of fair trade and sustainable materials (like recycled paper, organic cotton etc.). They are handmade with love in Berlin, Germany and 10% of the profits go to animal rescue organization. By purchasing ReShape. products you are not only helping us grow, but you are creating better future for the animals and the planet.

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Patreon is another platform for supporting creators. There is not much happening yet on my page, but soon there will be extra content there like: early access to videos and recipes, special recipes just for those who joined my Patreon team, updates and behind the scenes. Join now and be one of the first members of Patreon team!

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