ReShape. Food Waste

ReShape. Food Waste by Kate Bartel is one of a kind e-cookbook which shows how to reuse your kitchen scraps to achieve great tastes. Besides mouth-watering recipes, you will also find tips on how to curb food waste.

✧ 86 vegan and zero-waste recipes
✧ instant access: no waiting & no shipping fees
✧ metric and imperial units of measure
✧ friendly for people with allergies
✧ different files - for desktop & tablet/phone



ReShape. Food Waste is a vegan cookbook where all recipes are created around food leftovers that often land in the bin. Food waste is a major problem of our times, as it is just easier to “throw something away” rather than use it to the maximum. Every choice we make has some impact on our environment, but the consequences are hidden away, they accumulate waiting to burst when it is too late to do something about it. Through this book, I want to share with you my recipes as well as open your eyes a bit more to the problem of food waste and how to prevent it as much as possible in your everyday life.

The idea for this book was born at the beginning of 2018, and since then I have been working on recipes and redoing them countless times to make sure they are mouth-watering, and easy enough to follow. It was a challenging journey, and I put my heart and soul into it.

This cookbook is an interactive ebook, which means that by clicking the name of a recipe in the index, it will take you directly to that page. At the bottom of every page, you will find small arrows, click them to go back to the main index.

This cookbook’s purpose is to inspire you to use the entire food you bring home from the shops (or at least as much as you possibly can). Remember that the recipes here are just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to experiment with the ingredients and play around. Every person will also have different preferences when it comes to taste, so feel free to adjust the recipes by adding more or less salt, lemon juice, sweetener, etc.

For each ‘ReShape. Food Waste’ e-book sold, 1€ is donated to GaiAma.  GaiAma  is a Trans- & POC- owned, vegan organization that protects rainforest in the Amazon jungle. You can track the donated amount here.

As this e-book is a digital item and can be downloaded at any point after purchase, it cannot be returned or exchanged. No refunds will be issued. If you face any issues with your file, please write to: cookbook @

Please note: the E-book is a PDF file, not EPUB. The files will be available for you to download after purchase. This is a fully digital item and no physical items will be delivered.

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100% Ethical

This cookbook was created with the utmost care for people, animals, and the planet.

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100% Well Thought Out

Each recipe provides information about allergens as well as all the equipment needed to make the meal.

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100 % For You

Most recipes are easy, quick, and do not require any hard-to-find ingredients. Cooking has never been easier and more fun!


Are the recipes friendly for people with allergies?
All recipes in this book are marked if they are gluten, soy, nut-free. Also, you will find oil-free and refined sugar-free recipes marked as such.
There are 86 recipes in the cookbook, and
✓ 86 recipes are gluten-free or can be easily adjusted
✓ 76 recipes are nut-free or can be easily adjusted
✓ 85 recipes are soy-free or can be easily adjusted
✓ 77 recipes are refined sugar-free or can be easily adjusted
✓ 51 recipes are oil-free or can be easily adjusted (although all recipes use as little oil as possible)

Can I purchase this book in a physical form?
We hope to release a physical copy one day, but at the moment only a digital e-book is available.

Can I buy it as a gift?
Yes! You can purchase the printable coupon with a special code that will allow the gifted person to get the e-book from my website free of charge. The coupon is perfect to send to your loved ones in an e-mail or to print and gift it in a nice, festive envelope. Get it here.

‘ReShape. Food Waste’ is what’s desperately needed in this world and what makes the difference. Every time, someone prepares a vegan & waste-free meal, a non-vegan meal has not been made, the demand for its ingredients dropped and less waste ended in the landfills. We’re honored to have her book support our cause for rainforest protection, human- and animal rights. Together we can do this!​

Sascha Kyril
President of the Organisation GaiAma

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