Measuring your ingredients correctly is the first step to successful cooking. This is why I prepared this little cooking measures explanation to clear any doubts during making ReShape. recipes.

1 tsp = 5 ml (≈ 0,2 oz)
1 Tbsp = 15 ml (≈ 0,5 oz) = 3 tsp

1 cup = 240 ml (8 oz) = 16 Tbsp
¾ cup = 177 ml (6 oz) = 12 Tbsp 
²⁄3 cup = 160 ml (5 1⁄3 oz) = 11 Tbsp
½ cup = 120 ml (4 oz) = 8 Tbsp
¼ cup = 60 ml (2 oz) = 4 Tbsp

28 g ≈ 1 ounce

You can find my favorite measuring spoons here.

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A photo of measuring spoons for the post about cooking measures.

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ReShape. Food Waste by Kate Bartel . A photo of a tablet with the cover of the vegan and zero-waste cookbook.

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