creamy panna cotta

vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe

Creamy Panna Cotta

vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe

Very creamy, vegan Panna Cotta - a great dessert you can have any time. I think it is one of my favorite desserts, to be honest.
The combination of soft texture and milky flavor with sweet maple syrup and sweet-sour berries makes it just unreal. It melts in the mouth and leaves a great aftertaste. It is an excellent vegan dessert to impress your friends and family!

Why vegan though? Why not using just gelatin? Well - the answer is quite straight forward. Gelatin is made out of animal bones - the idea makes me sick whenever I think of it. Animal parts belong only to the animals themselves - so let's stick to this cruelty-free version, as it is as good as any other (not that the taste is any excuse to harm others!). There is no need for gelatin as long as you mix agar-agar and some rice flour. Those two combined make Panna Cotta very soft - just like the non-vegan version. Agar-agar by itself it more hard and crisp - which is great when that is what is needed at the moment, but if you want to achieve creamy texture - adding some rice flour will help a lot.

Make sure you share it with the ones you love (and yes, you can share it with yourself - that counts! #loveyourself ). It is a great option for any occasion - a romantic date, a family meeting or a party with friends. It also tastes great when eating by yourself after (or during) a nice, long bath!

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Creamy Panna Cotta

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Makes: 2 servings                 Time: 2h15 (15 min prep + 2h wait)



Panna Cotta:
300 ml (10,14 oz) coconut milk (canned)
3 g (1 tsp) rice flour
20-40 g (1 -2 Tbsp) maple syrup *
1 tsp vanilla powder
2/3 tsp agar-agar

For serving:
about 80 g  frozen mixed berries
a drizzle of maple syrup

Important equipment:
2 jars (160 ml/5,4 oz each)


1. Shake the can of coconut milk very well - so everything is mixed well.

2. Separate about 3 Tbsp of milk mix well with rice flour.

3. In a separate bowl mix the rest of coconut milk with agar-agar, vanilla powder, and maple syrup.

4. Place the coconut milk-agar mixture in the pot and bring it to the boil. Add coconut milk with rice flour, mixing all the time.

5. When it all starts to boil again, take it off the stove and pour it into the jars.

6. Let it cool down and place in the fridge for about 2h. 7. Place frozen berries in the bowl to defrost.

8. When ready to serve, dip the jars in hot water for few seconds to ensure panna cotta comes out easily.

9. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup and berries

Notes and tips:

  1. Maple syrup – I like to add just 1 Tbsp (20 g) to make sure it is not too sweet and then add more at the end when serving. That way I have more control over the sweetness. However, if you like a lot of sweetness – feel free to add more.
  2. I used 300 ml of milk (even though the average can is 400 ml/13,52 oz) because of the size of the jars I had. If your jars are bigger (200 ml/6,76 oz each) – you can use the whole can.
vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe
vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe

Thank you!

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