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as of 1.03.2021
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For each 'ReShape. Food Waste' e-book sold, 1€ is donated to GaiAma

 GaiAma  is a Trans- & POC- owned, vegan organization that protects rainforest in the Amazon jungle.

‘ReShape. Food Waste’ is what’s desperately needed in this world and what makes the difference. Every time, someone prepares a vegan & waste-free meal, a non-vegan meal has not been made, the demand for its ingredients dropped and less waste ended in the landfills. We’re honored to have her book support our cause for rainforest protection, human- and animal rights. Together we can do this!​

Sascha Kyril
President of the Organisation GaiAma

You can find out more about GaiAma here

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ReShape. Food Waste

Reduce your food waste with our cookbook. Learn how to cook with kitchen scraps and make groceries more sustainably.