Gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce

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It truly is one of my favorite recipes. It always tastes amazing and is so simple to make, so if you are looking for an easy and vegan dinner recipe - you are in the right place.
Once, when I was making gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce with my friend, she looked at me without trust asking if that will even be any good... She ended up eating two portions! That is what I call a good recipe! 🙂

Introducing gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce - the meal that will impress everyone! It is perfect for a fancy date night as much as a quick meal after work.

If you do not want to make so many servings - you can cook less gnochhi, but the same amount of sauce and then use the leftover sauce on another day in pasta, tortilla or whatever you would like! You should be able to find ready-made gnocchi in your local shop, but if you have more time - consider making your own and freezing them in batches to reduce the packaging and save some money. You can replace the canned tomatoes with the fresh ones if they are in season - the sauce will be even tastier! The meal is great just like that, but if you can spare 5 more minutes to make vegan homemade parmesan from my recipe, sprinkle some fresh basil leaves and.... this meal will be a hit in your book!

Check the recipe for vegan parmesan here.

Gnocchi with creamy tomato sauce

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Makes: 3-4 servings                 Time: 25 minutes



1 kg vegan gnocchi

200 g  (1 big) onion
20 g (4 medium) garlic cloves
4 g (2 cm) fresh chili
small splash of oil or water if oil free
some extra water for deglazing the pan
400 g (1 can) chopped tomatoes
400 ml (1 can) coconut milk
250 ml (1 cup) vegetable bouillon (prepare with water according to instructions!)

toppings (optional):
handful parmesan from this recipe or nutritional yeasts
a few basil leaves


1. Chop the onion into small pieces, thinly slice garlic cloves and finely chop chili (discard the seeds if you do not like your food too spicy).

2. Pour a small splash of water or oil into the pot. Add onion, garlic, and chili and mixing from time to time let it cook until the onions are translucent (around 5 minutes)

3. Add tomatoes, milk, and bouillon into the pot, mix well, reduce the heat to medium and let it reduce until the sauce is more on the creamy side than watery.

4. When the sauce is cooking, cook the gnocchi.

5. When the sauce is ready add gnocchi, mix well and serve immediately with homemade vegan parmesan or nutritional yeasts and a few basil leaves.

Notes and tips:

1. You can use homemade vegetable bouillon, use the one if the form of cube or powder – whatever suits you best. Make sure it is vegan and low in sodium!
2. If you want – you can make your homemade gnocchi and freeze them in batches to enjoy anytime later. If you are lazy just get one from the shop – make sure they are vegan!

gnocchi, creamy recipes, toamtoe sauce, vegan recipe, homemade tomato sauce
gnocchi, creamy recipes, toamtoe sauce, vegan recipe, homemade tomato sauce

Thank you!

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