jackfruit quesadillas

Jackfruit quesadillas, hummus, jackfruit, tortilla, vegan recipe

jackfruit quesadillas

Jackfruit quesadillas, hummus, jackfruit, tortilla, vegan recipe

Those jackfruit quesadillas are probably one of my favorite recipes. I created it some time ago and I fell in love with it! I wasn't sure what I am doing really - it was my first time eating jackfruit. I just imagined what it can taste like and what it could go well with and I tried - it turned out to be a great success. I am very much of a "savory meals" person - including breakfasts and as much as I enjoy some pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast I prefer much more some quesadillas or sandwiches. So if you are anything like me - you have to try this recipe!

I have those jackfruit quesadillas for breakfast almost every week - it is quick to make, very satisfying and somehow it feels very special and a bit like a treat. I am using canned jackfruit - I have never even seen fresh jackfruit in real life - just in the pictures! I hope I will get an opportunity one day to try it fresh. I do love the canned one a lot so far though!

In this recipe, I am using natural hummus, but flavored ones could work as well. Especially tomato or paprika. Make sure you don't skip any spices and dried tomatoes. You can replace dried tomatoes from oil with the ones without oil, however.
Green onions are crucial as well. Just try to stick to the recipe as much as possible! 🙂

I am using this garlic press to squeeze the garlic.
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jackfruit quesadillas

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Makes: 3 quesadillas               Time: 20 min



400 g can of jackfruit (225 g after straining)
10 g (2 tsp) soy sauce
6 g (1 Tbsp) onion powder
3 g (1 tsp) ginger powder
5 g (1 Tbsp) smoked paprika powder
3 g (1 tsp) hot paprika powder
8 g (1 tsp) maple syrup
1 medium garlic clove
9 dried tomatoes
100 ml water

300 g natural hummus
6 green onions
6 wholegrain tortillas (ø 20cm/7.9 Inch)

handful alfalfa sprouts
12 cherry tomatoes


1. Open the can with jackfruit and strain it. With your hands or fork smash them till they are in smaller pieces.

2. Chop finely 9 dried tomatoes and squeeze garlic through the garlic press.

3. Place all ingredients for jackfruit in a pot, mix very well and let it simmer until the liquid evaporates.

4. Chop green onions.

5. Spread hummus on one side of each tortilla. Put 3 of them aside.

6. Divide jackfruit into three equal parts and place on three tortillas. Spread it so it is even.

7. Sprinkle the green onions over the jackfruit and cover it all with the tortillas we put aside - hummus facing down. Press gently with your hand. You should be left with 3 quesadillas.

8. Heat the pan (no oil!) on the medium heat and place the quesadilla. Heat it for a few minutes, making sure it does not burn. Flip and repeat for the other side. They should be golden and a bit crispy, but not burned.
Repeat the same for the two other quesadillas.

9. Cut each quesadilla into 4 for easy eating and top with some sprouts and cherry tomatoes. Serve immediately.

Notes and tips:

1. To reduce the oil use dried tomatoes not from the oil. What I always do is to rinse the tomatoes from the excess oil before I add them in. There is a bit of oil in the meal then, but not too much which is enough for me!

Jackfruit quesadillas, hummus, jackfruit, tortilla, vegan recipe
Jackfruit quesadillas, hummus, jackfruit, tortilla, vegan recipe

Thank you!

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