The photo of Kate Bartel holding the tablet with ReShape. Food Waste cookbook cover displayed ReShape. Food Waste is a zero-waste and vegan cookbook by Kate Bartel

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Do you want to gift the ReShape. Food Waste e-cookbook? Look no further! Purchase this digital coupon that will allow your loved one to get the book from the website free of charge.

This is a fully digital item and no physical items will be delivered.


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ReShape. Food Waste by Kate Bartel is one of a kind e-cookbook that shows how to reuse your kitchen scraps to achieve great tastes. Besides mouth-watering recipes, you will also find tips on how to curb food waste. 

Do you want to gift the ReShape. Food Waste e-cookbook? Look no further! Purchase this digital coupon that will allow your loved one to get the book from the website free of charge.

For each ‘ReShape. Food Waste’ e-book sold, 1€ is donated to GaiAma.  GaiAma  is a Trans- & POC- owned, vegan organization that protects rainforest in the Amazon jungle. You can track the donated amount here.


How does it work?
1. Buy the coupon.
Within 24h of the purchase, you will receive the coupon with a unique code to the e-mail address you left at the checkout.
3. Print the coupon and place it in a festive envelope to give the coupon in a physical form or send the coupon in its digital form to the person you want to gift the book to.

I want to print it. What is its size?
You will be given the coupon in two sizes: A4 (210 × 297 mm) and US Letter (8.5 by 11 inches). Pick the one that you want to print and, making sure all the settings of your printer are set correctly, print the coupon.
You can then place it in a big envelope, fold in 3, or cut it into three pieces (see photos). Whichever style you like most!

How can the gifted person get their copy of the e-book?
It’s quite simple. Each coupon has its own, unique, custom created code. All the gifted person has to do is head to and add 1 e-book to the cart. Then move over to checkout and add the unique code. The code will change the price to 0 and allow them to download the e-book free of charge!

How many times can the code be used?
One code allows the purchase of 1 e-book and can be used only once. After it’s been used it will become invalid and will not work again.

Can I buy more of the coupons?
Of course! You will get as many coupons with unique codes as you purchased.

Does the code have an expiry date?
Yes. The coupon can be used within 1 year from the date of issuing the coupon.

Will I get any physical items?
No. This is a fully digital item and no physical items will be delivered.

Can ReShape. print it and send it to a person I want to gift it to in my name?
At the moment, we do not offer this option, but we are open to it. If you are interested, just drop us a message. If there is a lot of people interested, we will add the option to the shop.

Can I purchase this book in a physical form?
We hope to release a physical copy one day, but at the moment only a digital e-book is available. Drop us an e-mail (cookbook @ if you are interested in a physical copy so we know how many people want it.

When will I get the coupon?
You should receive it within 24h. We do our best to make sure you get it as fast as possible, but we do reserve the right to deliver the file outside of the 24h limit (accidents happen to everyone!). It will happen only due to reasons that are outside of our control (technical problems, health issues, etc.).

Can I get a refund?
Yes, you can get the refund within 2 weeks from the purchase date as long as the code was not used. We will first deactivate the coupon and, if it was successful (you did not use the coupon), we will refund you.


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ReShape. Food Waste

Reduce your food waste with our cookbook. Learn how to cook with kitchen scraps and make groceries more sustainably.