raspberry-chocolate cupcakes

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Those vegan chocolate cupcakes with the coconut-raspberry filling will melt in your mouth and leave your sweet-tooth needs satisfied.

Inspiration for those cupcakes came from those perfectly looking pralines in shops - ones that it’s hard to turn away from. Full of dark chocolate that is complemented with raspberry flavor. Make them for anyone who loves chocolate!

This is one of three recipes I created for Valentine's Day and I am in love with all of them. They are all a great option if you want to surprise your loved ones. Although, to be honest, they are perfect anytime! If you like this recipe you can also check the cheesecake in a jar and creamy Panna Cotta. All of those vegan recipes will be perfect as a gift for her or him for the love day!

You can find cheececake here and panna cotta here.

raspberry-chocolate cupcakes

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Makes: 4 cupcakes                 Time: 3h30 (30 min prep + 3 h wait)



200 g dark, vegan chocolate
6 g dehydrated raspberries
4 whole dehydrated raspberries
75 g (4 Tbsp) melted coconut mousse

crushed dehydrated raspberries

Important equipment:
silicon cupcake molds (75 ml / 2,54 oz each)


1. Prepare four silicon cupcake molds (75 ml/2,54 oz each).

2. Over a double boiler melt around 50 g of chocolate and pour into the cupcake molds - just to create a thin bottom layer - about 5 mm thick (around 0,2 Inch).

3. Place the cupcake molds with chocolate in the fridge and let it sit until the chocolate hardens.

4. In the meantime melt coconut mousse over a double boiler (if needed) so it is pourable. Mix it very well and separate 75 g (4 Tbsp) that will be used for the filling.

5. Crush dehydrated raspberries in your hands into smaller chunks.

6. In the bowl mix coconut mousse and dehydrated raspberries well. Leave out a few crushed raspberry pieces for decoration.

7. Take out the cupcakes molds with the chocolate out from the fridge. After making sure the chocolate is hard - proceed to the next step.

8. Place a little bit of coconut-raspberry mixture in the middle of the cupcakes. Then place one whole dehydrated raspberry in the center of each cupcake and cover them with the rest of the filling.

9. Make sure the filling is not touching the sides of the mold - adjust if needed.

10. Over a double boiler melt the rest of the chocolate and pour inside the cupcake mold until they are full.

11. Decorate with some crushed raspberries and place them in the fridge to harden.

12. Before serving take the cupcakes out of the mold. You can decorate the serving plate with more dehydrated or fresh raspberries.

Notes and tips:

1. Double boiler – in this case I do it that way:
    a. Boiling water in the kettle.
    b. Pouring the boiled water into the pot.
    c. Placing the metal strainer in the pot.
    d. Placing a small bowl in the strainer and melting all ingredients there.
Watch the video that is at the beginning of this post in order to see how I do it. There should be no need to put the pot on the stove, but if you are worried the water is not warm enough to melt the chocolate – you can place it all on the small heat.

2. Make sure no water is mixed in the chocolate – it will make it all werid and the chocolate will not be usable in this recipe anymore.

raspberry-chocolate cupcakes, valentines day 2020, cupcakes, vegan cupcakes, valentines day gift vegan
raspberry-chocolate cupcakes, valentines day 2020, cupcakes, vegan cupcakes, valentines day gift vegan

Thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to check out this recipe! If you try it – remember to post the picture on Instagram and tag us  reshape_official. We would love to see and share it!




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