Chocolate parfait . Picture showing the delicious vegan chocolate parfait with granola, cinnamon and apples.

chocolate breakfast parfait

An amazing breakfast recipe for a chocolate breakfast parfait, perfect for autumn! With cinnamon, apples, mouth-watering chocolate mousse, and plant-based yogurt to satisfy everyone!

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Vegan scrambled eggs

vegan scrambled eggs

Easy recipe for vegan scrambled eggs, that will work great as an Easter Breakfast. Quick to make and very rich and satisfying tofu scramble.

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Jackfruit quesadillas, hummus, jackfruit, tortilla, vegan recipe

jackfruit quesadillas

jackfruit quesadillas Those jackfruit quesadillas are probably one of my favorite recipes. I created it some time ago and I fell in love with it! I wasn’t sure what

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Bagels with cream cheese

bagels with cream cheese

bagels with cream cheese Bagels with cream cheese that are fully vegan. Yup! You have heard it right! Same taste and no harm towards animals. Plus way healthier for

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tempeh sandwich, Sandwich with tempeh, vegan recipe

tempeh sandwich

tempeh sandwich BBQ tempeh in a sandwich is a great option to make your breakfast more interesting. Although this sandwich can be eaten at any point, to be honest!

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