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chocolate mousse tarts

chocolate mousse tarts Those chocolate mousse tarts are easy to make and very tasty. On top of everything, they are healthy! If you follow the recipe you will get perfect

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beetroot juice, workout beetroot juice, raw juice, vegetable juice, vegan recipes, vegan juice, plant based recipes

spicy-sweet beetroot juice

Did you know that beetroot juice is a great pre-workout drink? This one is with a little twist, providing with loads of nutrients. Super refreshing and tasty!

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vegan cheese, vegan nachos, nacho cheese, cheese sauce, vegan cheese, vegan recipes, vegan meals

nachos with cheese

Vegan cheese sauce? Crunchy nachos? Yummy toppings? You are in the right place! Those nachos with vegan cheese sauce will make you so happy.

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almond milk, plant based milk, how to make milk, how to make vegan milk, vegan milk, vegan recipes

almond milk

Homemade almond milk is super easy to make it and takes little time. It is creamier than the store-bought options and has this nutty taste to it.

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vegan parmesan, vegan cheese recipe, vegan cheese, cheese recipe


Parmesan that is actually healthy? Yes! Very easy to make vegan Parmesan. Takes literally 5 minutes to make and very few ingredients. Yum!

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vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe

creamy panna cotta

Creamy and vegan Panna Cotta. To make it, you will need just about 10-15 minutes (+2h waiting time). Impress your friends and family with this great dessert!

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