Photo of vietnamese styled coconut-curry soup by Kate Bartel ReShape.

Vegan Tom Yum Soup

This soup is not only delicious but very fulfilling, heart-warming, and full of flavors. It’s easy to make, but it does take some time to prepare (well worth it though!).

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A picture of a creamy, vegan butternut squash soup from the top with a drizzle of olive oil and roasted pumpkin seeds on a linen cloth with garlic and spices

creamy butternut squash soup

Heartwarming and creamy butternut squash soup, that is a perfect autumn afternoon. It tastes great with a drizzle of good quality olive oil and roasted butternut pumpkin seeds. Are you ready for a golden season to start?

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smokey potato soup, vegan recipe, recipe, soup recipes, soup for the soul

smokey potato soup

Smokey potato soup This smokey potato soup will make any potato-lover very happy! From the very first minute after adding the spices to the pot your kitchen will fill

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lemon-lentil soup chunky soup, vegan recipe, recipe, soup recipes, soup for the soul

lemon-lentil chunky soup

Lemon-lentil chunky soup Fulfilling chunky lentil soup with a hint of lemon – perfect as a one-meal dinner or lunch, packed with protein and unusual flavors. It can be

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creamy tomato-mint soup, vegan recipe, recipe, soup recipes, soup for the soul

tomato-mint creamy soup

Tomato-mint creamy soup An interesting combination of mint and tomatoes makes this soup one of the kind, and the addition of coconut milk makes it creamy and enjoyable during

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The photo of Kate Bartel holding the tablet with ReShape. Food Waste cookbook cover displayed ReShape. Food Waste is a zero-waste and vegan cookbook by Kate Bartel
ReShape. Food Waste ENG Cookbook

A one of a kind e-cookbook which shows how to reuse your kitchen scraps to achieve great tastes. Besides mouth-watering recipes, you will also find tips on how to curb food waste.

✧ 86 vegan and zero-waste recipes
✧ instant access: no waiting & no shipping fees
✧ metric and imperial units of measure
✧ friendly for people with allergies
✧ different files - for desktop & tablet/phone

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ReShape. Food Waste

Reduce your food waste with our cookbook. Learn how to cook with kitchen scraps and make groceries more sustainably.