Reducing paper consumption

reducing paper consumption ⋙ easy eco-friendly tips for beginners

Today is an International Day of Forests and, as the huge amount of trees is cut down for paper I wanted to talk about reducing paper consumption in our everyday life. The trees are extremely valuable and living eco-friendly is not only about reducing plastic but also about making eco changes in every area possible.


Reusing any paper you have around you is a great way of reducing paper being used and produced. I found I do not need to have a brand new piece of paper to write my grocery list or write down some drafts. I've developed a habit to put aside any piece of paper that has space to write on - sheets of paper that have white space - whether it is an old document printed on one side only or unused pages from an old notebook. I also use the back of the packaging - for example, thighs. I then store them in one place and whenever I need to take notes, write to-do lists, etc. I just use this paper instead of a new one.

If there are any paper scraps you have left and you have some time to spare or you want to do some DIYs with your kids or friends - consider looking up some creative ideas to reuse tubes from toilet paper and things like that.

Also when it comes to things shipped in paper-like boxes, envelopes, and paper that is used to protect the shipped item - open them carefully and store for the future - you can reuse them to store things or shipp anything you might want to send in the future.


If possible go digital - ask your electricity, water and internet providers to send you electronic bills, the same can be done with your bank statements and other official correspondence. It will not be able with all documents and paperwork, but as much as possible will do the job.

Try to do as much as you can using a digital calendar, using to-do lists on your phone and taking digital notes. It is hard, especially if you are a person that likes the old pen and paper - but see if you can make a change here or there.

Another thing to consider is buying ebooks instead of paper books, buying paper books second hand or joining the library. If your passion are books and you collect them then it is a different story, but if you can reduce the number of new books you are buying - that's great. I do strongly recommend ebooks and audiobooks through - to make sure we are not putting authors out of business.


Replace single-use paper bags, paper plates, napkins, paper towels and things like that consider getting reusable alternatives like cotton produce bags, reusable lunchboxes, handkerchiefs and cotton cloths.

Global toilet paper production consumes thousands of trees daily which is like flushing forests down the drain. Consider using a bidet, if you cannot install one or cannot afford one you can just use a portable bidet - this is what I use daily and it works great (link at the end of the post)- plus I did not have to go and fight for the toilet paper in shops now due to the CO-VID19 which is great.

I also have a bamboo toilet paper just in case and for guests which we use rarely so it lasts very long. Bamboo is way more sustainable than trees - so if you need to have a one-use toilet paper - consider one made out of bamboo or from other sustainable sources.


Refuse flyers, free newspapers and things like that. If there is some information on a card or flyer you are interested in - just take a picture with your phone.

You can also write a note to put on your postbox that says you do not want any flyers and adds in. It will not work fully, loads of people still put things in our post box, but the amount decreased significantly since we have the note.


Recycling might seem like an obvious thing, but there are so many people that sill does not segregate their waste - make sure you are not one of them!

Also, when buying things made out of paper like notebooks and printing paper look for ones made out of recycled paper.

And of course, there are so many other things that can be done to save trees like going vegan, buying second-hand wooden furniture, supporting reforestation programs and using ecosia browser that plants more trees with every search.

Products I use and recommend (some are just similar ones as I could not find the same item in every country).

• Portable bidet:  [DE], [UK], [US]
• Bamboo toilet paper: [DE]
• Eco-brotbox lunchbox: [DE] and [UK] or similar for [US]
• Reusable straws: [DE], [UK] or similar for [US]
• ReShape. handkerchiefs:
• Produce bags similar to mine: [DE], [UK], [US]
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•To-Go Ware bamboo utensil set: [UK], [US]

reducing paper consumption ⋙ easy eco-friendly tips for beginners

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