sunset veggie bowl with cheese sauce

veggie bowl with cheese sauce

Sunset veggie bowl with cheese sauce This sunset veggie bowl with cheese sauce is very satisfying, healthy, and of course vegan. Protein from soy chunks, healthy fats from cashews, carbs from sweet potatoes. A lot of spices including turmeric boosts the flavor and nutrition content. On top full of antioxidants beetroot, super healthy spinach, and […]

Caramel-coconut slices

Caramel-coconut slices, vegan desserts, vegan dsserts recipes, caramel slices

Caramel-coconut slices Those caramel-coconut slices have the perfect sweetness and texture. The bottom is a bit crusty and the two top layers are soft and a bit tangy. Combined together they melt in the mouth leaving a great aftertaste. They are perfect for parties as they can be cut into one-bite size pieces, serve as […]

beetroot burgers from juice pulp

Do not throw away juice pulp and make those vegan burgers instead! Great recipe to reduce food waste in a very enjoyable way. Tasty and easy – beetroot burgers!

nachos with cheese

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Vegan cheese sauce? Crunchy nachos? Yummy toppings? You are in the right place! Those nachos with vegan cheese sauce will make you so happy.


vegan parmesan, vegan cheese recipe, vegan cheese, cheese recipe

Parmesan that is actually healthy? Yes! Very easy to make vegan Parmesan. Takes literally 5 minutes to make and very few ingredients. Yum!

raspberry-chocolate cupcakes

vegan chocolate, vegan cupcake, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, cupcake recipe

Vegan raspberry-chocolate cupcakes recipe – great dessert for Valentine’s Day. Dark, vegan chocolate complemented by raspberry filling tastes heavenly!

cheesecake in a jar

vegan cheesecake, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, cheesecake recipe

Vegan cheesecake – what more could you ask for? Cruelty-free but as creamy as any other. Perfect for Valentine’s day, party or family gathering.

creamy panna cotta

vegan panna cotta, Valentine's Day, vegan recipes, panna cotta recipe

Creamy and vegan Panna Cotta. To make it, you will need just about 10-15 minutes (+2h waiting time). Impress your friends and family with this great dessert!