Tomato-basil bruschetta

Tomato-Basil bruschetta

Tomato-basil bruschetta.

Bruschettas are a perfect appetizer or a great snack to serve at a party with friends. Easy to make, and there are a lot of topping options that will make sure that everyone will find something they like.

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tomato-basil bruschetta

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Makes: medium bowl                Time: 10 min



Tomato-basil mix:
400 g (3 medium) tomatoes
12 g fresh basil
5 g fresh rosemary
freshly grounded pepper
a splash of good quality olive oil (optional*)

For serving:
your favorite baguette (use gluten-free if needed)
garlic clove


1. Chop finely the tomatoes, making sure the juice does not escape from the cutting board.

2. Move it to the bowl.

3. Chop fresh basil and fresh rosemary.

4. Mix it in with the tomatoes, add some salt and freshly grounded pepper and a bit of good quality olive oil (the oil is optional).

5. Slice the baguette and bake in the oven until it's warm and has a crunchy top.

6. Serve immediately, for extra kick rub some fresh garlic into the bread before putting the tapenade.





Tomato-Basil bruschetta
Tomato-Basil bruschetta

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